Monday, August 26, 2013

First Student Blog Post, Centers by Brianna

Last year was hard for me to keep up with a blog during the school year. Not only was it my first year in a new grade at a new building, but I was pregnant with my adorable son, Henry, and going to bed around 8:30 almost every night. This year I hope to do much better. One of my ideas was to have my students help me! To do this, I created a weekly classroom job called Blog Writer. Every week one student writes about something new/interesting/fun that we did, takes a few pictures of it, and writes a blog post about it. For the first student post I picked Brianna. She already enjoys writing, and showed me stories she wrote at home "just for fun". I new she would set a great example for a well written post. Here is Brianna's post...

"In Mrs. Mathews' class, we are starting centers. If you are wondering what centers are, I will explain it to you. Centers are different areas where us kids learn while having fun. There are five centers- word search, spelling, listening, computers, and puzzles. Mrs. Mathews is teaching us great strategies to use in the classroom. When we do have a great class during centers, she gives us a treat. By the way, I will explain what we do at each center. At the word search we do a school project like a word search about school. In spelling we practice spelling words. When we do listening we listen to a book to read. When we do computers we play a learning game. When we do puzzles we see new cool pictures of stuff."

Wasn't that great? Way to go Brianna! Thank you for working hard on this post and teaching everyone about how we do centers. Here are some pictures from the centers Brianna wrote about.

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  1. Great job Bri!!! Keep up the good work Love u, Pappaw Jerry