Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wrapping up the Semester

... A little holiday pun to start out the post! Or maybe wrapping gifts is stuck in my brain because yesterday I wrapped a dozen or so gifts. We are going in to our last week before Winter Break, and it is definitely the busiest time of year for me. I am trying to plan fun holiday activities, an ornament craft, Random Acts of Kindness Week, finishing the canned food drive, Christmas gifts, all while giving our last assessments of the semester and getting report cards done. Phhhewww that makes me tired just thinking about it. I hope the kids enjoy every bit of it, and we have a great week together before break! Here are a few things that have been going on in class since I last checked in. We have 3 boys reporting today- Enjoy!

Author's Purpose by Addison
In class we made a project to learn about Author's Purpose. There are three things to learn, Persuade, Inform, and Entertain. Or P.I.E. Anyway, Persuade is to make you do or be something. Inform is to teach you something. Entertain is to make you laugh. Step 1- take green construction paper. Step 2- get booklets (I used Scholastic Reading Club magazines) Step 3- Fold three sections. Step 4- label Persuade, Inform, Entertain. Step 5- Cut and paste and that's how to make a P.I.E. chart.

Music Class by Colton
My blog is about music. I don't know about others, but I love music. So far we are learning Chinese stuff. We use instruments like maracas and drums and more. Mrs. Stoff said we are going to learn different ways how to sing. Mrs. Stoff is teaching us all the steps of singing. At the start of music we answer the questions on the board. We walk inside and Mrs. Stoff usually turns on a video. The video we watch we learn about.

Making Connections by Brady
We are learning about making connections. We have already done Text-to-Self. We are on Text-to-Text. We are going to be learning about Text-to-World. (Great use of past, present, and future verbs, Brady!) And that one is the hardest to do. We have been learning about making connections for about two days. My favorite is Text-to-Self. We have secret codes like TTS, T-S. We have a chart. It has Text-to Self, Text-to-Text, and Text-to-World.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Math and Mysteries

Hello again! Today we have student blog posts by Ali and Kayde. Ali is writing about math. It surprised me when she decided to report on math, because Ali has always preferred reading over math. I am glad she is enjoying math this year! Kayde is reporting on our mystery unit that we did a few weeks back. The kids loved it! It is one of my favorite units to do, and this year I added quite a bit. Kayde has a great lead on her story! Here they are to tell you more about it!

Math by Ali
We do math everyday and sometimes we play a game called "Scoot". We have a math book. We try our hardest for math and we learn a lot from our awesome teacher. We have something called a math wall where we look when we are stuck on things. We have learned things like fractions, odd and even, a little bit of times and dividing. I love math and a lot of other kids in my class love math. We play games for math everyday. If we don't have a game, Mrs. Mathews comes to the rescue. Math is really fun. We used a lot of Brain Quests. We've learned a lot of math. Math helps you when you are older so your teacher should teach you a lot about math. Everyday I use math even when we don't have school Math can be fun even if you don't know it. You can like math even when you don't know it. I love to do math. I used to not like it.

Mystery Week by Kayde
Detective Wood here- going to talk to you about Mystery Week. You'll be surprised about what is about to happen. We are having kids' moms and dads coming in. It's called Mystery Reader. They read a book to us. We act like detectives with little notebooks and we write clues in it. We are all reading different mystery books, like a book club. We are reading a Nancy Drew book right now. This is my favorite part- we do fingerprints. I love it so much I took pictures. My teacher Mrs. Mathews gave us Jigsaw Jones books and Cam Jansen books to read. Just so you know I am the blog writer and I love it. My name is Kayde. My teacher's name is Mrs. Mathews.

Monday, October 21, 2013

More Student Blog Posts!

Today I have two very sweet girls who wrote about class jobs and Reader's Workshop. I posted last year about my class jobs here. They worked so well last year, that the only change I made was to add the job of Blog Writer and take out Materials Manager. That job never had much to do. I love that in third grade the kids are excited to have jobs and help out. It also keeps them practicing responsibility and it saves so much work for me! :) Reader's Workshop is my favorite part of the day. I love introducing new reading strategies and talking to students about the books they are reading. I have posted a lot about Reader's Workshop here, and have been selling my lessons on TpT for a few years. Each year I try to make it better and better, and I think this year has been very successful so far.  Here are a few words from Delaney and Ella!

Class Jobs by Delaney
For our class jobs we have Librarian, Messenger, Clip Chart Manager, Lunch Count Manager, Custodian, Computer Manager, Blog Writer, Line Leaders, Restroom Monitors, and Teacher's Assistant. My favorite one is Teacher's Assistant because I want to help out my teacher. Librarian sorts the books. Messenger takes the messages to the office. Clip Chart Manager at the end of the day passes out brag tickets. Lunch count manager tells Mrs. Mathews how many people packed their lunch. Custodian puts down chairs at Mrs. Main's table. Computer Manager turns on computers in the morning and off in the afternoon. Blog writer writes a story about something in the classroom. Line leaders stand in the front of the line. Restroom Monitors monitor the restroom. Teacher's assistant passes our papers.

Read Around the Room by Ella
Hi, I'm Ella from Mrs. Mathews' class. I'm here to tell you about "read around the room". If you do not know what it is le me tell you what it is. We have a wheel with A, B, C, D, E groups on it. We have crate seats, front carpet, back carpet, desks, and you pick. Teacher's Assistant gets to pick two kids to sit on the cube and two pillows. We have a procedure called "One Way Street". Everyone gets in a line and gets our book boxes. We have to be at level zero or you get a ticket. Mrs. Mathews has tickets if you are talking she will give you a yellow one so you do not do it again. If you do it again, she will give you a red one. That means you clip down. Mrs. Mathews is a great teacher. She does not like to give out tickets so if the whole class is talking, she gives us a warning. At reading time she gives our tickets for talking. Sometimes she reads a book during reading time. Thank you for letting me tell you about reading time.

Thank you girls for writing about what we have been up to! Great work! 

Fall Break is here!

Happy Fall Break to all who are enjoying a few (or more) days off right now. Our corporation takes a Friday and Monday off for a very nice 4 day weekend. The first two days were very busy for me, as I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. The weather turned out to be great, and it was a beautiful celebration! Yesterday and today are my relaxing days... thankfully I worked ahead and don't need to make a trip to school; however, I am going to try to catch up on some blog posts that the kids have been writing.

The way our school does specials (P.E., Art, Music, and Technology) may be a little different than other schools. We go to the same class everyday for 4 1/2 weeks, and then switch. We will have each special during the first semester, and then again in the second semester. I like it this way rather than having each special once a week. The teachers can go deeper into their topics and standards, and reach higher levels of comprehension. I had two girls want to write about switching specials for their blog post. (Kids love specials!)

Specials by Alivia
We are doing gym this week, and it is fun. The first day of gym we used these square skateboard things. That was fun. Last week we did Art. The first craft we did in Art was cave paintings. We are done with Art for now. Now we are doing gym. The gym teacher had a good idea. If we don't have the right shoes on you have to walk by the bleachers. You can not play the game. That is not fun!

Gym by Brooklyn
We just started gym and this is what we do... We play Matball. We also run one mile. Our gym teacher's name is Mrs. Hatcher. We also do yoga. We play lots of games. Mrs. Hatcher puts us in lines when we do yoga. When we do yoga, we go up one at a time and stretch. This is how you play Matball... you can drop it or throw it. You run to the left. If the ball is coming at you, you can duck or you can move to the side.

Great job Alivia and Brooklyn! I am glad you are enjoying P.E.!

Monday, September 16, 2013

5 Weeks In

As always, the school year is moving quickly already. I can't believe we are five weeks in to the year. The kids are feeling comfortable with the procedures and routines that we have been practicing, they have already completed their first round of standardized testing (yay!), and we are starting to dig into some more complex topics with all of our subjects. At this point I feel like I know each of the students pretty well that I spent some time at school rearranging the seating chart this weekend. :) I really like this time of year. All of the newness has faded, and the kids know what they are doing. They no longer get lost in the hallways. They know the schedule. Not to mention the weather has started to cool down, and fall is in the air!

I have two student blog posts to share today. Madison and Cody tackled the job as Blog Writer recently. Madison wrote about a punctuation review we did a few weeks ago. Cody wrote about a few of his favorite parts about school. Check it out...

Punctuation Marks by Madison
In class we have been working with period, exclamation point, and question mark. We have been finding out where they go in the right ending of the sentence. Like for period- "I like to play on my swing set." To explain the period goes at the end of a telling sentence. Exclamation points go at the end of a yelling, excited, or loud sentence. Question marks go at the end of an asking sentence. Period. Question mark? Exclamation point!

Here are some pictures of posters and an activity we did with punctuation that week:

My School by Cody
School is a fun place to learn. School is where you learn math, language, science, art, and reading. In the morning we do morning work. At reader's workshop we read for 20 minutes. In art we were learning about cave paintings. Recess is a time of the day when you get to play. The school I go to is Blair Pointe Elementary. In math we are learning about fractions. If we didn't have school we would not know anything at all. The End.

Great work Madison and Cody!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Student Blog Post, Centers by Brianna

Last year was hard for me to keep up with a blog during the school year. Not only was it my first year in a new grade at a new building, but I was pregnant with my adorable son, Henry, and going to bed around 8:30 almost every night. This year I hope to do much better. One of my ideas was to have my students help me! To do this, I created a weekly classroom job called Blog Writer. Every week one student writes about something new/interesting/fun that we did, takes a few pictures of it, and writes a blog post about it. For the first student post I picked Brianna. She already enjoys writing, and showed me stories she wrote at home "just for fun". I new she would set a great example for a well written post. Here is Brianna's post...

"In Mrs. Mathews' class, we are starting centers. If you are wondering what centers are, I will explain it to you. Centers are different areas where us kids learn while having fun. There are five centers- word search, spelling, listening, computers, and puzzles. Mrs. Mathews is teaching us great strategies to use in the classroom. When we do have a great class during centers, she gives us a treat. By the way, I will explain what we do at each center. At the word search we do a school project like a word search about school. In spelling we practice spelling words. When we do listening we listen to a book to read. When we do computers we play a learning game. When we do puzzles we see new cool pictures of stuff."

Wasn't that great? Way to go Brianna! Thank you for working hard on this post and teaching everyone about how we do centers. Here are some pictures from the centers Brianna wrote about.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Welcome Parents and Students of 2013-2014!

Our year is off to a great start! We have spent 2 weeks getting to know one another, learning procedures of the school and classroom, and digging into reading, writing, math, and a little science! Meet the Teacher night was last Thursday, and I got to meet many of the families of this year's class. My favorite part of the day has always been Reader's Workshop, but this year I'm really loving our math time. I have been finding fun math games (of course on TeachersPayTeachers!) for the kiddos to play. They get so excited and into the games that they probably don't realize they are practicing for our first assessment next week! Another important part of our day is guided reading centers. We began this week with procedures. I have been slowly walking them through each center because I am a firm believer in teaching procedures thoroughly to keep them running smoothly all year. So far they have mastered the computer and listening center. On Wednesdays we have an extra 30 minutes for math in our schedule. This is a perfect time to get some extra technology in, so I sign up for the laptop cart every Wednesday. Today was our first time trying it out, and the class did great! It helped that (almost) all of the laptops were working without much trouble. Until Acuity lessons are ready, we are getting on Education City. The kids love the interactive games and music. Today they played a game called Crazy Golf to practice even and odd numbers.

One fun addition I have this year on my class job chart is "blog writer". Each week a student will be writing about something interesting/fun/special we did in class. I will post their writing in a blog post for parents and followers to read. The kids were excited when I told them it could be read by people anywhere in the world who go to this blog! Come back soon to read what Brianna says about this week at school.

Have a great week!
Mrs. Mathews