Monday, October 21, 2013

More Student Blog Posts!

Today I have two very sweet girls who wrote about class jobs and Reader's Workshop. I posted last year about my class jobs here. They worked so well last year, that the only change I made was to add the job of Blog Writer and take out Materials Manager. That job never had much to do. I love that in third grade the kids are excited to have jobs and help out. It also keeps them practicing responsibility and it saves so much work for me! :) Reader's Workshop is my favorite part of the day. I love introducing new reading strategies and talking to students about the books they are reading. I have posted a lot about Reader's Workshop here, and have been selling my lessons on TpT for a few years. Each year I try to make it better and better, and I think this year has been very successful so far.  Here are a few words from Delaney and Ella!

Class Jobs by Delaney
For our class jobs we have Librarian, Messenger, Clip Chart Manager, Lunch Count Manager, Custodian, Computer Manager, Blog Writer, Line Leaders, Restroom Monitors, and Teacher's Assistant. My favorite one is Teacher's Assistant because I want to help out my teacher. Librarian sorts the books. Messenger takes the messages to the office. Clip Chart Manager at the end of the day passes out brag tickets. Lunch count manager tells Mrs. Mathews how many people packed their lunch. Custodian puts down chairs at Mrs. Main's table. Computer Manager turns on computers in the morning and off in the afternoon. Blog writer writes a story about something in the classroom. Line leaders stand in the front of the line. Restroom Monitors monitor the restroom. Teacher's assistant passes our papers.

Read Around the Room by Ella
Hi, I'm Ella from Mrs. Mathews' class. I'm here to tell you about "read around the room". If you do not know what it is le me tell you what it is. We have a wheel with A, B, C, D, E groups on it. We have crate seats, front carpet, back carpet, desks, and you pick. Teacher's Assistant gets to pick two kids to sit on the cube and two pillows. We have a procedure called "One Way Street". Everyone gets in a line and gets our book boxes. We have to be at level zero or you get a ticket. Mrs. Mathews has tickets if you are talking she will give you a yellow one so you do not do it again. If you do it again, she will give you a red one. That means you clip down. Mrs. Mathews is a great teacher. She does not like to give out tickets so if the whole class is talking, she gives us a warning. At reading time she gives our tickets for talking. Sometimes she reads a book during reading time. Thank you for letting me tell you about reading time.

Thank you girls for writing about what we have been up to! Great work! 

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