Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall Break is here!

Happy Fall Break to all who are enjoying a few (or more) days off right now. Our corporation takes a Friday and Monday off for a very nice 4 day weekend. The first two days were very busy for me, as I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding. The weather turned out to be great, and it was a beautiful celebration! Yesterday and today are my relaxing days... thankfully I worked ahead and don't need to make a trip to school; however, I am going to try to catch up on some blog posts that the kids have been writing.

The way our school does specials (P.E., Art, Music, and Technology) may be a little different than other schools. We go to the same class everyday for 4 1/2 weeks, and then switch. We will have each special during the first semester, and then again in the second semester. I like it this way rather than having each special once a week. The teachers can go deeper into their topics and standards, and reach higher levels of comprehension. I had two girls want to write about switching specials for their blog post. (Kids love specials!)

Specials by Alivia
We are doing gym this week, and it is fun. The first day of gym we used these square skateboard things. That was fun. Last week we did Art. The first craft we did in Art was cave paintings. We are done with Art for now. Now we are doing gym. The gym teacher had a good idea. If we don't have the right shoes on you have to walk by the bleachers. You can not play the game. That is not fun!

Gym by Brooklyn
We just started gym and this is what we do... We play Matball. We also run one mile. Our gym teacher's name is Mrs. Hatcher. We also do yoga. We play lots of games. Mrs. Hatcher puts us in lines when we do yoga. When we do yoga, we go up one at a time and stretch. This is how you play Matball... you can drop it or throw it. You run to the left. If the ball is coming at you, you can duck or you can move to the side.

Great job Alivia and Brooklyn! I am glad you are enjoying P.E.!

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