Sunday, November 17, 2013

Math and Mysteries

Hello again! Today we have student blog posts by Ali and Kayde. Ali is writing about math. It surprised me when she decided to report on math, because Ali has always preferred reading over math. I am glad she is enjoying math this year! Kayde is reporting on our mystery unit that we did a few weeks back. The kids loved it! It is one of my favorite units to do, and this year I added quite a bit. Kayde has a great lead on her story! Here they are to tell you more about it!

Math by Ali
We do math everyday and sometimes we play a game called "Scoot". We have a math book. We try our hardest for math and we learn a lot from our awesome teacher. We have something called a math wall where we look when we are stuck on things. We have learned things like fractions, odd and even, a little bit of times and dividing. I love math and a lot of other kids in my class love math. We play games for math everyday. If we don't have a game, Mrs. Mathews comes to the rescue. Math is really fun. We used a lot of Brain Quests. We've learned a lot of math. Math helps you when you are older so your teacher should teach you a lot about math. Everyday I use math even when we don't have school Math can be fun even if you don't know it. You can like math even when you don't know it. I love to do math. I used to not like it.

Mystery Week by Kayde
Detective Wood here- going to talk to you about Mystery Week. You'll be surprised about what is about to happen. We are having kids' moms and dads coming in. It's called Mystery Reader. They read a book to us. We act like detectives with little notebooks and we write clues in it. We are all reading different mystery books, like a book club. We are reading a Nancy Drew book right now. This is my favorite part- we do fingerprints. I love it so much I took pictures. My teacher Mrs. Mathews gave us Jigsaw Jones books and Cam Jansen books to read. Just so you know I am the blog writer and I love it. My name is Kayde. My teacher's name is Mrs. Mathews.

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