Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am so proud of myself- my blog actually works! I have spent most of the day tweaking, fixing, researching, etc… I think I will call it a day. Still work to do…

Anyway, here’s my story if we haven’t met-

My name is Allison Mathews. I am married to an amazing man, Clint, and we live in Peru, Indiana (my hometown). I have been teaching for four years now. I taught first grade for three years. At the end of the year I was asked to move to third grade. Not only am I moving grades, but I am also moving schools! My new school is the elementary where I attended K-6 as a kid, and is where Clint teaches 6th grade (this will be his second year). Not only that, but I will be teaching in my old first grade classroom! I am so excited and blessed to have great opportunities and adventures in my life right now. So even though I will be busy enough with a new grade level, I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now. I became very obsessed in love with Pinterest this year. It has saved me so much time coming up with ideas and resources for the classroom. Pinterest led me to teaching blogs. I became glued to the computer checking blogs all evening. I decided if I have time to do this, why not start one myself? I would like to use this blog to share my experiences of setting up a new classroom, learning and creating new curriculum and resources, and figuring out a way to manage my busy life! I hope you stick around and share the next school year with me! Thanks for stopping by!

4 months 8

My loves: Clint and Meatball (our English Bulldog)

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