Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How To Get FREE Stuff!

I’m sure everyone has cashed in on numerous “teacher discounts” offered at tons and tons of stores and suppliers, but I have a new tip that you may not have thought of. On Friday, my hubs was at Kroger and heard from a fellow teacher that our Blockbuster was going out of business and GIVING AWAY bookshelves to teachers. I was thrilled because on our trip to IKEA, we couldn’t fit bookshelves for school in the car so we had to say no. I am in BIG need of book storage. So we made a quick trip to borrow a truck from my dad and got to Blockbuster just in time. The rumor was true- absolutely FREE to teachers! (and no assembly required!) Clint and I each got two for our classrooms, and we helped a friend get 3 for her classroom. It was crazy! I guess I am shocked about this because we tried the same thing when Borders was closing. They were getting rid of all their furniture. You had to get on a waiting list, and if you got called you still had to buy it! No deal there… I am sure every business has their own policy, but the manager at Blockbuster said she was going to have to put all of the furniture in storage. All it took was a teacher (thank you whoever you are) to ask if they would be able to give away the furniture.

Here they are: almost 5 feet tall and double sided! (I’m going to take that blue strip of paper out of the one on the left.)

photo (25)

So if you haven’t thought about it already, when you notice a store closing in your area, be bold and ASK! What can it hurt? You could end up with FREE stuff! All it took was a little man power and time. Totally worth it! I can’t wait to show you how I am going to get my tubs of books on these things. They are a perfect depth for chapter books, but I need more picture book storage. Today while I was in my classroom unpacking (YAY!) I thought of an idea. I’m going to see if it works first though! To Be Continued…

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  1. ohh man, such a great idea! I have got to check out my local closing blockbusters!! :)

    Always A Lesson