Friday, July 6, 2012

“My Reader’s Notebook” Printable and Sale!

Wow- it’s been a busy week! I took a bit of time today to sit down and edit my Reader’s Notebook printables. I make my own Reader’s Notebooks instead of buying the premade ones that you can get from those classroom magazines or online. Actually I need to give credit to the amazing parent helper, Debbie, that I had this year. She made them and a whole set for a first year teacher in my grade level. She was the best! But anyway… I wanted to jazz them up a bit because they were lacking fun clip art and fonts. I want the kids to think, “Wow! I get to keep this?!” and not think of it as another writing assignment to do. First, let me tell you how I used Reader’s Notebooks in first grade, and how I plan to use them in third grade.

In first grade I used them as a literacy center. Students would go to the Reader’s Notebook center about once a week. They had to get their notebook from their book box along with one book they have read (important!) and take them to the center’s location. The table was ready with pencils, crayons, and erasers. They would follow the procedures that I modeled, modeled, modeled and would have about 15 minutes to complete one entry. They only had to write 3 sentences and have a picture to go along with it. They always had something to write about because the notebook has a page full of “Story Starters”. They learned to use these to help them come up with something to write about. We also used them occasionally during our Reader’s Workshop Mini Lessons or Independent Reading Time. They are great for recording connections or taking notes. Reader’s Notebooks also help me with informal observations. I conference with students about their entries, and also use them to show parents specific strengths and weaknesses in writing.

In third grade I am excited to use Reader’s Notebooks in a few different ways. I will still use them the same way for note-taking during mini lessons and independent reading time as well as conferencing and parent documentation. I will mostly be changing the procedures for their assignment. They will need to obviously write more than 3 sentences. And I would like to respond back to them after they write. I think it would be fun if they wrote me a letter telling me about their book, and then I write back. I think this would motivate them to complete the assignment. Am I in over my head?? I would definitely like to up the responsibility level this year. My first graders could pick any “story starter” at any time. Some used the same one over and over. I would like to make sure my third graders are trying different “story starters” each week, writing about both fiction and nonfiction books, and using proper grammar and spelling. I think I could still fit it in as a center, but the assignment could be graded this year.

So there’s my brainstorming session for the day. Stop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store to pick up the “My Reader’s Notebook Printable Pack” today! Only $1!!!! Click below!

readers notebook pic cover


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