Sunday, July 1, 2012

Teacher Tool Kit & Mini

After my “Pinspiration” to make a Teacher’s Tool Box, I am happy to say it was the easiest Pinterest project I have ever done. I have decided this year that I am going without a teacher desk-just my guided reading table.  I am moving into a new classroom that is smaller than my old room. I will also have a bigger class size. Less room=more organization! I thought the Teacher Tool Kit would be a perfect solution. I can put all the little stuff in the compartments and keep my table nice and tidy. Click the link to see the amazing blog I originally pinned this idea from.
And here is my step-by-step process of creating the oh-so-pretty Teacher Tool Kit:
1. Materials: I bought the Stack-On 22-Drawer Storage Cabinet. They sell these at places like Lowes, Home Depot, Menards… I got mine at K-Mart for $16. This was the only thing I had to buy for the project. Everything else I already had (scrapbook paper, tape) or downloaded online (labels). Rebecca at Create Teach Share was so generous to share her labels so I saved myself some time and just printed those. I also downloaded the font she used (Howser) from and made a few labels that I needed. I left a few drawers without a label. After I unpack my boxes I will organize my supplies and see what I need to store the most.

2. Cut labels and scrap paper to fit. It you print the labels from the link, they are on a grid that will be the perfect size. I cut my scrap paper using that grid, then taped the words on the scrap paper. Super easy!

3. Using double-sided tape, I taped the labels into the drawers. I wanted to tape them so that I could remove them if I want to change the design, or if I need to replace a label with a different supply name.
So that was all, just 3 easy steps! Since it was so easy and quick, I decided to make a mini version. One thing I was a little bummed about was the depth of the storage cabinet. If you want to store pencils or pens, you have to lay them at an angle. I already bought this three-drawer container from Big Lots for $4.99, and decided it would be perfect. The drawers are deep enough for long pencils/pens. I also found the cute pencil scrapbook paper when I was going through my old stash. Wouldn’t it be a cute teacher gift?
pencil storage
Quick side note… my boxes have finally been moved. to my new classroom. It’s kind of overwhelming to have a room full of boxes to unload, but I am so excited to get my room set up! Enjoy the rest of the weekend…oh wait, we are teachers. Every day’s a weekend! Smile

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